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Researching 6G features and services to support energy vertical applications

The project researches the potential of novel and future wireless technologies and services to support the communication needs of smart grid protection and control applications. The project aims to study 6G features using simulations and mathematical modeling and demonstrate a selected subset of applications using a hardware-in-the-loop approach at the 6G Test Network at the University of Oulu and VTT IntelligentEnergy testbed with actual data from the LUT Green Campus facilities.

The project focuses on mission-critical smart grid applications traditionally relying on wired communication. Transitioning to wireless technologies could enhance the applications and precede novel proactive grid solutions. The project implements selected use cases in laboratory environments. Close collaboration with the 6G test network enables studying use cases with equipment and services still in development to provide crucial feedback to 6G standardization on the energy vertical. By demonstrating the use of novel wireless technology solutions with smart grid applications, the project will create a competitive edge for research and business. The project’s outcomes will impact future business solutions and benefit the smart grid and telecommunication vendors, telecom operators, utilities, and research partners.

REEVA co-research project is a part of the 6G Bridge program. VTT, University of Oulu, and LUT University are the main research partners supported by ABB, Nokia, DNA, Caruna, and ÅEA.


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